Spirit Junkie Oracle Card Deck

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Sometimes life gets shitty, and you just don't know what to do. Ask yourself "what would Jesus do?"... she would pull a card from her Oracle Deck of course.

Oracle Decks are a great conduit for spirit guides to send direct messages to you, in your time of need. Each card in this 52 card deck, contains a unique inspirational message of guidance and a call-to-action. The card you pull from the deck can bring clarity and contentment by offering the perfect message at the exact time you need to hear it. 

The Spirit Junkie Oracle Deck was created by New York Times best-selling spiritual author Gabrielle Bernstein. You can fully flex, when you have this oracle deck sitting on your work desk or coffee table. 

BTW: Jesus's oracle card would have said "re-think the sandals, they're not for everyone!".